Classic D&D 1.0 in the Forgotten Realms

Weekly game log.

Part One "The Beginning

Our Adventurers have been doing odd jobs around the core city of Neverwinter for the past several months. Lord Nasher has also taken a liking to Graegos the parties shield. Graegos is a reservists for the militia of Neverwinter and has stormed up the ranks with his dedication and hard work in the militia. The Zoo has commissioned our band of adventures to find rare stolen animals (including Tigers and elephants) while The Silver Sails Trade Company has had Gibby and his other goblin villagers turn up missing.

Tsumoro, our dastardly and charming Thief, has been pulling strings and paying informants for information regarding the rare missing zoo animals and goblins. The party has found out that an orc smuggler named “Snaggletoof” has been running an underground black market selling these animals and other stolen goods from throughout the city down in the sewers within the Beggar’s Nest.

Our adventures hacked and cleaved they’re way throughout the entire sewer system, but, Snaggletoof and his thugs were there waiting for them. Although there was a brief scare when Jeph the Halfling went down from two good shots from the orcs bows, the party fought valiantly and took the orcs out with the help of Gibby and his fellow tribesmen. Even though Snaggletoof got away, the party was informed from Gibby that there has been a human that has been coming to the sewers to purchase other stolen citizens of Neverwinter. After the secret exit was discovered by Izzy the Elf and Purist the Cleric the party was off to claim their rewards.

After the party returned to The Moonstone Mask Tavern in the core city, Tsumoro was informed of a urgent message from an old acquaintance name Bastion. Bastion and Tsumoro escaped from the “Grey Wizards” at the Deep End Mines several years back where they were enslaved and tortured. Bastion has informed Tsumoro in the letter that the Grey Wizards are back in business and are back in the slave trade business with a new mine within the Sword Mountains 150 miles southeast of Neverwinter. Bastion has also stated that the Grey’s have been raiding and enslaving all of the folk from the surrounding villages.

While our adventurers bask in the glory of the loot they have claimed it is now time to make the decision on what comes next….

to be continued

Dungeonsand dragons episode1

Find out what happens next on Thursday August 15th from 6-10 pm EST on twitchtv

My apologies to everyone for no sound last week during the broadcast! It wont happen again hehe.


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