Classic D&D 1.0 – Forgotten Realms

This is a long term game where we will journey through the Forgotten Realms using the Classic D&D rule set. We will also be using some, if not all of the 1970’s-1980’s Basic D&D Modules and will even convert and incorporate some of the AD&D 1st and 2nd edition modules like Ravenloft and Undermountain. There will also be alot of home grown content as well. Some of the players are new to the massive world of D&D plus this will be my first attempt as Dungeon Master. I have many many years of experience as a player but am really looking forward to running my own game as DM. Feel free to stop in and watch anytime.

Check us out Thursday 6-10pm EST

Episode One "The Beginning

Dungeonsand dragons episode1
Thank you to Tsumoro (our Thief) and his girlfriend for making this awesome drawing of our first game!

Classic D&D 1.0 in the Forgotten Realms